More of the same.

September 3, 2008

I feel like September will be a good month for me.  I just found out that our new insurance covers vision, I am thrilled about my new camera, and Matt and I finally have the same schedule (practically)!.  I am not super thrilled about my knitting as of late (my carpal tunnel is flaring up, so its kind of difficult), but I have some super craft projects lined up.

Wanna see some more pictures of the Laminaria and also my newest project


I am veeeeerrry excited about this next piece.  It is pretty much just a giant rectangle with random random cables all across them.  I have no idea what it will be yet, but it is my favorite color of all time.  My glasses are this color.  I love them.

Sorry the pictures aren’t great.  Or very explanatory.

Ummmm I have a great idea for an amazing cross-stitch.  I’m excited.


again.  That’s all she really does, honestly.

I took some pictures earlier today of the progress I’ve made on the Laminaria.

But then I did some major knitting on it tonight, so here are the new and improved pictures!  Well, not really improved because I didn’t have any of the glorious natural light this time.

I’m already into the blossom chart.  As you can see, the coloring is pretty off.


I’d like you to meet Clover.  Perhaps you’ve met her before?

She’s pretty curious.

Now, meet our beautiful palm plant:

It was a wedding gift from Matt’s brother and sister-in-law.  Pretty, right?

Until the Palm met Clover:


I am easily distracted.

August 22, 2008

Here is what I have been doing:

Making Lemonade.

Hanging out with Miriam.

Working on my Laminaria in a worsted weight.  I think its pretty interesting so far.

No, I can’t get my act together long enough to put this on Ravelry, so don’t look for it there.

The Giant Wound on my Head

August 12, 2008

So we have this kitten.

She’s adorable, but naughty as heck.  Matt doesn’t believe me, cause when he’s around she’s all purrs and rainbows.  But she’s recently learned that she has very sharp teeth, and will bite me constantly.  She bites if petting her; she bites if I’m not.  She bites if I’ve just walked out of the bedroom and hadn’t invited her in.  She bites when I feed her.  She bites when I’m minding my own business, knitting.

I’m talking break-the-skin-bleeding-mess bites.

So when Matt’s SIL suggested isolating her when she does something she’s not supposed to (since we determined that squirting her with a spray bottle does nothing to deter her), I’ve taken to putting her in her kennel with a firm “NO” when she bites me.

Until today, when I leaned over to put her inside, I smacked my head on the top of the kennel.  How did this happen?  I am not usually so uncoordinated.

So here is my gash:

You can barely see it, can you!  Let me tell you, it feels like a giant gash.

Anyway, here is what I’ve been working on:

My Laminaria, which I screwed up somehow and totally frogged,

My first Boyfriend Sock, which are actually for me, and unfortunately I do not have any pictures yet.  But Sock #1 is about 4 rows away from being finished

But mostly I have been working on my first ever quilt for my niece Sophie, who turned 1 this week:

This thing has taken forever!  I started it months before the wedding, and kind of had to push it aside until recently.  The whole thing was exhilarating, however, and I am going to make many more I’m sure.  My other niece Miriam has her first birthday in October, so I will definitely have another one ready by then.  I also need to make a duvet for our nice new down comforter.

Isn’t it funny that as crafters (or maybe its just me) we automatically think of making one before buying it?  I wouldn’t dream of buying a duvet when I can sew.  More often than not, though, I have these lofty ambitions
of making rather than buying- and I end up getting frustrated/busy/tired/lazy/broke and I end up buying the stupid thing anyway.  Oh well, its the thought that counts, right?
I haven’t been doing much knitting cause I have, like, a hundred thousand projects that I picked up after the wedding (I hadn’t been knitting in so long!  I was deprived!!), and honestly that’s a good way to get nothing done.

I’m going to try to do more, though.  I need to get my stupid craft room organized.

I think I’m in love…

August 3, 2008

With this sweater:

Its Little Birds by Ysolda  Teague.  You can download it here in the first issue of Twist Collective- which seems to be a very cute little knitting magazine.  Yay!


July 14, 2008

I’m going to be away for a few days.  Matt and I are going to “the cottage” – a place that needs no other explanation.

I did knit a little scarflette out of my handspun.  I can’t decide what to do with it.  I will post a picture when I get home.

I’ll be back Wednesday!

I showed you what I dyed last night, right?
Well here is one of the fruits of my labor:


60 yards
100% Wool (Its from New Zealand, so it might be merino?)
Plied with magenta cotton thread and gold metallic thread
Dyed with Wilton food dyes

I love it so much I could puke.

I love it so much, I want to cuddle with it as I fall asleep every night.

I love it so much, I want to keep pictures of it in my wallet.