I’m no Martha Stewart, but I’m getting there.

December 20, 2008

Not knitting, but my Christmas Cookie Extravaganza 2008!
Oh yes. This is the most baking I’ve ever done in my life– an effort that spanned two days and about 40 trips to the grocery store.img_3757

It started out with these amazing chocolate gingerbread cookies from Martha. They use fresh ginger (a first for me) and lots and lots of chocolate. Instead of using just a course granulated white sugar for rolling the dough in, I used Sugar in the Raw, which is very molasses-y. These cookies are not for the faint of heart! I think leaving the dough in the fridge overnight helped to mellow out the flavors, but they are Intense.


Next, I made these mocha slice cookies, also from Martha (go figure). They didn’t turn out quite the way I had wanted them to… the cookies on the bottom rack burned, so I had to throw out a whole pan. Yuck. And I had to add quite a bit more flour in order to roll it into a log, so… I don’t know. They’re kind of floury. But they’re pretty!




(This photo was taken while some of the cookies were in the oven still- don’t worry, there are plenty more!)

The next thing was the most stressful for me. It involved candy making skillz, and I do not have them. But I think it turned out… we won’t know for sure for a few hours.

Peppermint marshmallows!


Hmm. I don’t love how this picture turned out.

The second-to-last item combines two of my most favorite food items: chocolate and hazelnuts (and coconut in the case of the last few when I ran out of hazelnuts).




These involved the most work, I think. From smashing the nuts with a hammer (because I don’t have a nutcracker), to roasting them, to rubbing the papery coating off of them, to chopping them, to truffle-izing them… it was a labor of love, let me tell you.

Last but not least is some regular marshmallow cream fudge, which I don’t have pictures of because I haven’t made it yet. Besides, fudge always looks the same. And lest you get confused, I do not pollute my fudge with nuts of any kind. No. If you get fudge from me, you can rest assured that it is nutless.

Well, its been a fun day of baking. I’ll be back with some pictures of what I’ve been knitting on (its been a lot, actually), and a sneak peak of my super secret project.

Merry Christmas!

ETA:  I’d like to thank my mom, for taking a hundred phone calls from me about what I should do when (insert baking drama here) happens.  Also, I’d like to thank my wonderful husband for making this all possible by going to the grocery store time after time when I realized that I forgot things, and for talking my baking skillz up to his friends.  Look who’s the coolest wife on the block now, huh?


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