I actually had a fun week

October 26, 2008

I spent the weekend doing basically nothing.  It was very nice.  We did get a new (to us) couch from Matt’s parents, went to the farmer’s market, and saw the movie W.  I was very surprised by the movie- I expected it to be very anti-Bush, but it kind of portrayed him in a sympathetic way.

However, in the past week or so I’ve done some fun things.  On Monday we drove to Big Falls Park, which I had never heard of before.  It had a little water-fally area which reminded me of the Eau Claire Dells in Wausau.  I took some pretty pictures:

I also went to see the band Mae with a friend.  They were fantastic.

I even got a picture with them:

The singer told me that my hair looked great, but upon seeing this picture I feel like it was wayyyy too big.

On a more knitting related note, I started the Dickinson Pullover a few weeks ago, but I stopped after I finished the back.  More important projects, I guess.  I should have my knucks done tonight, so perhaps I’ll post them tomorrow.

I kind of love the macro feature on my camera.

More exciting news:  this same friend who I saw Mae with asked me to teach her how to knit.  I did, and she’s hooked.  She knit a whole mitten on her first try!  A real mitten with a thumb and everything!  It was amazing.
So now we’ve been knitting on Monday mornings together, and I think its going to become a tradition.  I am SO excited to have a real knitting friend in real life!  The added bonus?  We’re from the same hometown, and she has one neighbor with an alpaca farm, and one with a sheep farm.  Its good to have more fibery friends.


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