I’m back

July 11, 2008

Let me first explain why I never update.

It is a huge pain in the butt to upload photos.  First, I have to upload them to iphoto.  Then I have to rotate them all and stuff.  Then I have to export them as jpegs.  Then I have to name them all.  Then I have to upload them to photobucket or flickr- which is the worst of all, because the internet makes me want to throw up sometimes.  Then I have to write a blog post.  Every time I take a stupid picture, it takes like an hour to get the photos taken care of

This will all be resolved soon, however, because I am getting my very own web space!!!

That is right, I am getting a domain and everything.

In the meantime, I will be trying to update ravelry as often as possible, and I’m getting heavily into spinning.  I opened up an etsy shop and everything (I’ll let you know when I have items in stock!).

So here is what I’ve been up to:

Why don’t you go check them out on ravelry?  I have all the details there.

The last three pictures, however, are my new project.  I dyed a few ounces of roving with Wilton food dyes.  Hopefully by tomorrow it will be dry and I can do some spinning…

in my




Errr, spare bedroom.  But I think its a studio (Pssst don’t tell Matt, cause he thinks its his office.)


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