Let’s beat up some nerds.

November 29, 2007

Well, friends,

The day has finally come when I have the Internet, a new battery and power cord, and upgraded memory. It is a very happy day in my ibook’s life.

However, its been a very crappy day in my personal life.
I was so excited to have a day off of work, where I could just sit around and maybe do some cleaning or knitting or just watch TV, when some maintenance guys showed up and ruined my day. I told them that it wasn’t a good time, and I really needed twelve hours notice (it is state law, after all).
Its a long story, but it turns out the manager of the property management company that I rent from is a real jerk. He was exceptionally rude to me, and told me that since I wasn’t going to let the maintenance people in today, he wasn’t really sure if he would ever send somebody over to fix my heater (its been a long-running problem. I doubt it will ever be fixed). He said I could just “deal with it” until he felt like fixing it, which might not be ever.

So I’m really <i>really</i> crabby.

But anyway, let me see if I can share what I’ve been working on these past many weeks.

(Side note: Holy cow! I just uploaded nearly 100 pictures, and it took like… 2 minutes! iPhoto was like the slowest thing on my computer- until now!! Yay NEW MEMORY!)


Wandering Aran Fields from Wrap Style
Size 10.5 needles
Patons Classic Merino in Olive
5 Skeins

The perpetually in-progress Lady Eleanore from Scarf Style
Size 10.5 needles
Cascade 220
75% finished
Goal: be finished by Christmas!

Also in progress, Anemoi Mittens by Eunny Jang
Size 2 needles
Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool
80% finished with the first mitten. I may never finish them, because I just can’t see myself wearing them.

Urban Rustic Gloves from Knitty.com
Size 10.5 needles (can you tell I’m a fan of this size?)
Noro Kureyon
Finished (except for seaming) with one glove.

Nalgene Cozy, my own pattern
Size 9 needles
Lion Brand Wool Ease

Mug Cozy, my own pattern
Size 8 Needles
My own messy fluffy handspun!
90% finished.

Amelia Earhart Aviator Cap from Headhuggers.com
Modified by using garter stitch instead of a 2×2 rib
Size 8 Needles
Manos Del Uruguay (My favorite yarn EVER.)
I plan on making matching Urban Rustic gloves.

Whew. This was a long post.
I fully intend to update more often now that I have Teh Internets.


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