I’m Lazy Part II

November 11, 2007

I’m lazy because I haven’t updated.
Not really.  Its just that I don’t have the internet at my house, and because my poor computer is too tired (from not having enough ram to run my OS efficiently) to upload photos in a timely manner.  So I could post pictures, but it takes too long to do the whole process.
I am nearly finished with my Wandering Aran Fields capelet from Wrap Style.  Its beautiful.
I did finish a hat and mittens for my sister- but I forgot to take pictures.
I’m almost finished with Lady Elenore.
I’m SO TIRED of knitting for other people.
I stopped knitting my Anemoi mittens because I really don’t have any use for them :-(.

My mom started a knitting group with her friends (she’s been knitting all of three weeks) and I don’t have a knitting group anymore cause I work Friday mornings.  😦

Its been sad in knitting world for me.

I haven’t even been able to read my blogs, cause I do most of my internet-ing at work, and I can’t have an RSS feed there.

However, Matthew and I are trying to get our satellite canceled, because Dish network is screwing us every month.  They aren’t living up to their end of the contract.  In which case, I’m going to get the internet!
Really, the majority of our shows are on network TV anyway- and with this dumb writers strike going on, we probably won’t be watching too much anyway.

So, in closing, tomorrow I will try to take pictures and post them.  Then you won’t be bored my me.


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